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Traditional & modern upholstery

I have 25 years’ experience in the re-upholstering of antiques using traditional methods and natural materials appropriate to the age of the furniture.


I also work with the re-covering of modern furniture, and offer advice on fabric choices and colour co-ordination for both antique and modern pieces.


I have extensive experience of a wide range of furniture types: small sofas, armchairs, footstools, dining chairs, ottomans, headboards, cushions for boats and campers, window seats, massage tables, garden furniture, office and clinical consulting room chairs.


Stripping the furniture back to its frame is an opportunity to strengthen and repair what exists and replace springs, webbing, interior stuffing and linings where necessary providing a sound base on which to re-cover.

Thinking of the environment; Sometimes it simply takes a new cover to bring back or update the look of your chair. In many cases a sad looking piece of furniture can be re-vitalised and saved from landfill - also saving the use of all the resources that go into making a new chair from scratch.

I work on an hourly rate, but can provide you with an estimate based on previous similar work. Please contact me for details.


Click below to see my range of fabrics:

Photo by Nic Compton
Photo by Nic Compton
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